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Alexander Karpov

Born in Moscow in 1966. In 1986 graduated from the Kharkiv fire technical secondary school. In 1987-1991 continued education in the high fire-technical engineering school in Moscow. From 1991 to 2001 years - working at various posts in the technical service of special fire deportment in Moscow. From 2002 to 2004 year -Senior Inspector of Central inspection of fire safety of the Ministry of internal affairs. In 2004 year - retiree. Lieutenant Colonel.

Author of several publications in INTERNET and in the Russian professional magazine "Firefighting" about the history of Soviet fire engines. Author of the books from the series "History of fire fighting vehicle in the USSR" (2010-2017).

Books are published only by the author, and do not contain advertising and other extraneous information.

My thanks for my family and my friends, who help me in working on books. Great thanks to my wonderful readers for their kind comments and support.

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